Common Mistakes Craps Players Should Avoid

If there is one thing that a lot of newbie craps players usually end up getting wrong, it’s that winning the game is a process. While you’d be forgiven for committing these mistakes if you have not been that exposed yet to the game, it helps to take note of these very common lapses to help you become a better, more successful player.

Not Setting A Goal

Many players usually fail to set a goal on how they intend to win. A lot of people usually just approach a craps table with the mindset of taking home a lot of money without properly outlining how they intend to do so. Some also take on a rather defeatist attitude where the moment they lose, they just stop.

A good strategy would be to set a specific bankroll amount and to stick to it. This prevents you from stopping the moment you lose but gives you a few more game sessions to see how things go. The main thing here is to take note of your bankroll and to stick to it no matter what.

Not Understanding the Game

Some players just decide to start playing the game, with real money bets involved, despite the fact that they do not have a good grasp of what it is, how it’s played, what the rules are, and even how to secure a win. Some people seem to think that just knowing how bets are placed is more than enough to get them ready to play the game.

Many players might start with scoring a few wins here and there, which will then lead them to believe that they have grasped the game. Feeling more confident, they might choose to increase their bets only to realize that they are no longer scoring a win and are losing considerably. It’s important to understand the little details of the game if you are to improve your winning chances. It wouldn’t even hurt to look for free to play versions of the games first before going for larger bets so you will at least get the chance to practice.

Not Having Enough Bankroll

Craps is one casino that is based heavily on streaks. This means that winning in every bet is just next to impossible. Expect that there will always be losses. Many players often face the dilemma of not having enough bankroll for the kinds of bets he wants to make. Some even set unrealistic goals for the amount of bankroll they possess.

For instance, if your bankroll is $500, it is unrealistic to expect to win $1000 from that. It might happen from time to time but in most cases, you might end up no longer having enough money to place wagers the moment you start to lose.

Not Having Discipline

Many craps newbies lack discipline, due to the lack of experience and exposure on how the game unfolds. Some also end up pressing their bets especially if they are winning.

As a result, though, this leaves them with way too much money on the table when they start losing. It wouldn’t hurt to remove some of your winnings from the table to avoid losing everything altogether.

Believing That A System Will Work

Many players approach craps armed with a system that they believe is going to work and help them win. This can lead to overconfidence especially in the amount of bets that they place only to realize later that they have pretty much gone through all their bankroll. When it comes to craps, it’s important to understand that there’s no such thing as the perfect system. Sure, some of them might work every now and then but there is no such system that will keep you winning all the time.